Looking for Spread Betting Platforms and Forex Brokers? Not sure who is truly legit Spread Betting broker UK regulated by FCA? Or looking which broker is suitable and best for you?

We provide answers to all the questions in this article. We researched and compared over 30 UK Spread Betting Brokers we check their regulation status, trading costs, time for deposit & withdrawal and many more findings.

What is Spread Betting

So How does Spread Betting work? Spread Betting has a specific concept of trading, similarly to CFDs you trade underlying asset like Currency pairs, Shares, Indices, etc without owning it. While Spread Betting you simply placing a bet or stake predicting for the price direction above or below the spread. The spread betting calculator profit is taking a closeout of the price compared to opening price and multiplying it by the stake amount.

Spread Betting Account and activity is banned and restricted in most countries including Spread Betting Australia, US, and Europe. So is Spread Betting gambling? No, it is not Spread Betting is fully regulated and allowed activity in the UK, authorized and governed by FCA. UK traders and client exclusively can find numerous Spread betting Brokers and safely Spread Bet. Read more about Spread Betting Wikipedia.

Best Spread Betting Platforms in UK

To select the Best Spread Betting Platform UK we research and compare only Regulated and trusted Forex Brokers, we review details of license, trading conditions, platform, deposits and withdrawals conditions, education and customer service. Here is our List of Top Spread Betting Platforms by category:

  • IG – Best overall Spread Betting Platform UK
  • City Index – Best Spread Betting Instruments  
  • CMCMarkets – Best Platform for Spread Betting UK
  • OANDA – Best Spread Betting Platform for Beginners

What makes a good Spread Betting Broker?

You should check 4 points that makes broker a good Spread Betting Broker or Platform. You should see whether the broker is suitable for your trading need, also check license, trading conditions and account offering, available markets and platforms, and customer service.  

  • Must be licensed by the FCA in UK for traders funds safety
  • Offer Spread Betting account type and platform for easy Spread Betting (not all UK brokers offer Spread Betting)
  • Provide good range of trading instruments to diversify trading portfolio
  • Has good customer service to solve traders enquiries professionally

Best Spread Betting Forex Brokers List & Review

Here we made a list of Best Financial Spread Betting UK Forex Brokers regulated by FCA for your easy selection, not all UK brokers offer Spread Betting, alike doesn’t offer it popular social trading platform eToro Spread Betting. In addition to the top 4 Spread Betting Companies mentioned above here is List of Spread Betting Account Platform Reviews:

Forex BrokerSpread Betting AccountWhy they are our top picksOur Review
IGYesIG Spread Betting is one of most trusted brokers because it is regulated almost by every reputable world authority, also publically traded company, while most brokers are not. Plus offering great trading tools, platforms, professional education and costs are very competitive.Visit IG site  

IG Review
HL MarketsYesHL Markets might be the best for Investors, active and professional traders. There are numerous great offerings and accounts plus to professional trading software. HL Markets Spread Betting is offered on the basis of IG since they are one of the best Spread Betting providers.Visit HL Markets site

HL Markets Review
City IndexYesCity Index should be the best if you look for wide instrument selection for Spread Betting. City Index Spread Betting offers over 12,000 instruments for trading, while majority only below 1000. Also, City Index is one of the best UK Forex Brokers and is publically traded company with good transparency.Visit City Index site  

City Index Review
CMC MarketsYesCMC Markets might be the best fit if you are looking for a great spread betting Platform. CMC Markets Spread Betting offers numerus trading instruments and easy to use platform available web, iOS and Android with great features.Visit CMC Markets site

CMC Markets review
Plus500YesPlus500 might be the best fit if you are looking for a great trading app on the go. Plus500 Spread betting trading app is easy to use, with technical analysis tools, price alerts notifications and Deposit Withdrawals can be done through app.Visit Plus500 site

Plus500 review
OANDAYesOANDA Spread Betting might be the best for beginners, it has a easy to use and packed with tools desktop trading platform, great education materials and research, plus very wide range of instruments compared to other brokers.Visit OANDA site

OANDA review
FxProYesFxPro Spread Betting might be the best for currency Spread betting. You can choose from numerous trading currencies, also FxPro constantly runs promotions and offering competitive trading conditions for traders on various platforms including cTrader.Visit FxPro site

FxPro review

More on Spread Betting Explained

To get started with Spread Betting Brokers it is better to navigate categories and narrow your selection with the trading conditions. Here we answer common question, also compare Forex Broker Reviews and check Best Forex Brokers in UK.

Spread Betting vs CFD

Yes, there is a difference between Spread betting and CFD. Trading CFDs is similar, on CFDs you speculate on the value of underlying asset and Spread Betting is a bet of $ amount per point on the asset where profit is difference between opening and closet price bet.

Spread Betting Tax

Is a popular question is spread betting taxable? Short answer is – no, Spread Betting UK tax is Zero Tax activity.  

Best Spread Betting Platform for Beginners

Best Spread Betting Platfroms for Beginners should offer education materials, good research and easy to use platforms, besides to be regulated in the UK broker. Check FXTM or IG proposal.

Spread Betting Leverage

Spread Betting is Leveraged product, using Leverage as a tool to magnify your initial strike price and operate bigger amount compared to your balance. Leverage levels depending on the instrument you trade and are restricted by regulation. City Index offers 1:20 leverage for Forex instruments. MT4 Spread Betting

MT4 Spread Betting                

MT4 is one of the most used and popular trading platforms, also available for Spread Betting. Check FXCM Spread Betting MT4.

Spread Betting Markets

The range of markets available for Spread Betting is depending on the Broker you use, however most popular markets like Spread Betting Currencies, Shares, Stocks, Indices like FTSE Spread Betting and Spread Betting Cryptocurrency Bitcoin are available for Spread Betting. Check IG for good market range.

Author of this review

By Jimmy O'Brien

Author of this review

Over 15 years experience in forex, commodities and equities markets research. He loves analyzing and trading the markets as a strategist and trader. In late 2019, Jimmy turned to researching and analyzing forex brokers. Now he and his team focus researching and comparing broker’s pros and cons.

Over 15 years experience in forex, commodities and equities markets research. He loves analyzing and trading the markets as a strategist and trader. In late 2019, Jimmy turned to researching and analyzing forex brokers. Now he and his team focus researching and comparing broker’s pros and cons.

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